Vis Comm students present SAT Folio PITCH

Recently my Year 12 Visual Communication Design students presented their SAT Folio PITCH via zoom.  They did an truly exceptional job, and I could not be prouder of their efforts – all things ‘lockdown’ considered….

To present a major part of their final SAT assessment, over zoom, in their formal suits (no less) with confidence, an attention to detail and thoroughly meeting the assessment criteria – all with a sense of humility and kindness in providing feedback and support for their fellow students; was way beyond my expectations.

The lockdowns this year have impacted these students’ capacity to consistently be their best;  they have had limited access to resources and equipment, variable amounts of direct in-class teacher support….and yet here they were with a smile on their face, and their work brilliantly presented and PITCHED.


Christine Haddrell

Visual Communications Teacher