2024 House Swimming carnival

Last week, Whitefriars held its annual House Swimming carnival at Aquanation Ringwood. The day started with the Senior carnival, and by 9.15am events were in full swing. Throughout the morning, we witnessed excellent student participation from all 8 Houses with some student setting some excellent times. But it was Year 10 student Joel Pollard, from the House of Brandsma, who was the clear winner in the Senior ‘Noel Kierce’ Fastest Friar.

Results were very close throughout the morning, but it was the ever so consistent SORETH house that were victorious once again in the Senior Carnival, over a much-improved Brandsma house.

In the afternoon the Junior Carnival began and it was great to see the comradery and sportsmanship amongst the students, whether be on the sidelines or within events. Over the course of the afternoon, many students participated in a variety of events, but there was one standout performer. Year 9 Trinity student, Andre Talarico, was a dominant force in the water and really showed why he is one of the best swimmers in Australia, which also saw him the winner of the Junior Fastest Friar. But again, it was STEIN House that was awarded the Junior Cup over Brandsma.

There was plenty of House spirit throughout the carnival and all students should be commended for this. The carnival couldn’t have been possible without the help of all of the staff and student leaders who assisted in the setup, marshalling and recording of events and it was great to see the parents who came to support the boys. The day was full of spirit, competitiveness and fun which everyone truly enjoyed.


Noel Kierce Fastest Friar   Junior Fastest Friar
1st Joel Pollard 1st  Andre Talarico
2nd James Dorrat-Sims 2nd Thomas Dorrat-Sims
3rd James Walsh 3rd Tomasso Zanetti
Jack Hallissey Ryder Rozon
Riley Kerr Matteo Astegno
Noah Morrison Zac Morgan
Adam Howard Nate Barker
Sourav Gray Owen Robbins
Matt Lee Liam Borysiewicz
Thomas Borysiewicz


  Junior Cup Senior Cup Overall Winners
1st  Stein Soreth Soreth
2nd Brandsma Brandsma Brandsma
3rd Avila Avila Avila
4th Trinity Mantua Stein
5th Soreth Stein Mantua
6th Mantua Lisieux Trinity
7th Lisieux Corsini Lisieux
8th Corsini Trinity Corsini


Mr Kristan Height

Coordinator – Sport