2021 Student Leadership

Each year in Term 3, we invited the Year 11 students to participate in a Student Leadership formation program in order to be considered for a leadership position for the following year. 72 students applied this year, over 1/3 of the entire cohort – an amazing number of young men wanting to represent and serve their College. This group of students participate in a 5-week course; this year online due to COVID-19 restrictions.
Led by our Director – Identity, Mission and Service, Mr Joshua Vujcich, the students explored the idea of leadership with a particular focus on servant leadership, the model we adopt at Whitefriars. The formation program also included a number of online workshops around effective communication, goal setting and organisation, what Student Leadership means at Whitefriars and finally a panel discussion with a number of current student leaders sharing their experiences of leadership. These students nominated leadership roles they wanted to apply for, ranging from College Captains, Community Captains, House Captains, Academic Captains and Sport Captains.

I also had the privilege of interviewing 13 young me aspiring to the role of College Captain. These inspiring students shared their thoughts on leadership, their hopes for 2021 and the wonderful contribution they wanted to make to the Whitefriars community. Many spoke about how indebted they were to the College for the years of care and service they have experienced and wanted to repay the school with their own service.

I look forward to soon announcing the next group of fine young gentle men to lead our College in 2021 as we continue to develop student leadership and agency at Whitefriars.


Mr Mick Lafferty

Deputy Principal – Students