2020 Language Perfect World Championship Competition

A Whitefriars education aims to assist students taking their place in a contemporary global society as valued individuals, alive with the wisdom of the Gospel. Our boy’s have needed to draw on their sense of social justice, service and an understanding of the common good throughout 2020 as they reflect and contemplate information pertaining to COVID-19, the Black Lives Matter movement, the US Presidential election process and the recent Remembrance Day. Such events develop an understanding and compassion for others. Learning in the classroom, at home and in the community provides us with the spiritual, intellectual and social experiences that helps each young man contribute to a just and sustainable world.


2020 Language Perfect World Championship Competition

On Friday 30 October, after months of remote learning of Languages in the Home Learning Program, we were able to celebrate our winners of the Language Perfect World Championship Competition. The Education Perfect Languages Championship is a 7-day online event celebrating learning and achievement in Languages. With approximately 200,000 participants each year, this is a great opportunity to inspire our students’ language learning while they compete on a global scale. By answering questions correctly, students receive points which go towards awards and prizes. Our global ranking this year was 315th out of 2,155 schools. Whitefriars came 243rd overall in Australia out of 1,454 schools and 71st overall in Victoria our of 330 schools.

Congratulations to the four winners of the Whitefriars Language Perfect Championship 2020:

1st Elian Deeb Year 7 Indonesian Emerald 5,008 points
2nd Daniel Triffett Year 10 Indonesian Gold 4,658 points
3rd Samuel Ng Year 8 Indonesian Gold 3,673 points
4th Zac Westwood Year 8 Italian Gold 3,040 points


We also congratulate the following certificate award winners:

Amin Khatibi-Yekta Year 9 Chinese Silver 2,779 points
Marc Cordeiro Year 10 Indonesian Bronze 1,765 points
Lukas Mallios Year 8 Italian Bronze 1,529 points
Daniel Kilkenny Year 8 Indonesian Bronze 1,044 points
Henry Fyfe Year 9 Italian Bronze 1,028 points
Bailey Wallace Year 8 Italian Credit 707 points
Jacob O’Brien Year 10 Indonesian Credit 649 points
Louis Wade Year 10 Indonesian Credit 632 points
Ethan Downie Year 9 Indonesian Credit 506 points


Mr Mark Ashmore

Deputy Principal – Learning and Teaching