2019 Senior ACC Sports Presentation

On Wednesday 9 October, all Year 11 and 12 students were invited to the ACC Senior Sports Presentation. This was an opportunity to reflect on the 2019 year of ACC sport, present the 2019 Sport Awards, present Half/Full Sport Colour awards and acknowledge the students who have made the 2019 ACC Teams of the Year.

Whilst there were many awards presented throughout the event, there was also the opportunity to acknowledge and thank the graduating class of 2019 for six years of commitment to the Whitefriars Sports program. As a College we are fully aware of the commitment, effort and sacrifice that the boys put into representing the College and we are very appreciative of this. We hope that the 2019 graduating class have enjoyed the journey together and we wish them all the best for the future.

Congratulations to all award winners.

ACC Team of the Year Blake Reardon
Senior Most Valuable Player Blake Reardon
ACC Team of the Year Mihaele Zalak
Xander Tassell
Kaiya Jones
Jackson Bowne
1st XVIII Best and Fairest Kaiya Jones
1st XVIII Best and Fairest Liam Greaney
2nd XVIII Most Valuable Player Harrison Ablett
2nd XVIII Best Team Player Ben Smith
ACC Team of the Year Max McLean
Kinnan Asdagi
1st XII Most Valuable Player Max McLean
1st XII Best Team Player Kinnan Asdagi
2nd XII Batting Award Ethan Stone
2nd XII Bowling Award Lachlan Barr
ACC Team of the Year Hugh Hassall
Cooper Inness
Alex Dunmill
Justin Hajdasz
Senior Most Valuable Player Hugh Hassall
Senior Best Team Player Oliver Henderson
ACC Team of the Year Erald Mesini
Senior A’s Most Valuable Player Charlie Kent
Senior B’s Most Valuable Player Liam Greaney
Cross Country
U/17 Age Champion Oscar O’Connor
Senior Age Champion Ben Worner
U/17 Age Champion Flynn Maguire
Senior Age Champion Patrick Daly
U/17 Age Champion Jack Gurrie
Senior Age Champion Will Campbell
Senior Age Champion Blake Ritchie
ACC Team of the Year Joseph Mutimer
Luke Stelling
Senior A’s Most Valuable Player Joseph Mutimer
Senior B’s Most Valuable Player Dane Money
Table Tennis
ACC Team of the Year Ben Horsnail
ACC Team of the Year Jack Kay
Senior Most Valuable Player  Ben Horsnail
ACC Team of the Year Callum Tokell
Matthew Worsley
Senior Most Valuable Player Ange Amato
Senior Best Team Player Matthew Worsley
Senior Age Champion Tiandu Liu


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