Year 9 OLP

Year 9 OLP1

I would like to take this opportunity to say you and your son should be extremely proud of his achievements this week as he participated in an outdoor experience aimed at improving the wellbeing of students, communities and the natural world. While most likely he has endured some cold, wet conditions and sometime challenging situations (like packing up a tent in a dusting of snow), he has done so through teamwork and effective problem solving, working together to navigate a hike and cycle journey throughout some of Victoria’s most picturesque sub-alpine environments.

He has participated in activities such as setting and packing up tents/equipment, shared stories while cooking the evening meal and basically supporting one another within a small community, hopefully gaining some insight into how to deal with some of life challenges that life will throw up from time to time and the ability to respond accordingly. All these activities were aimed at building positive relationships with others while also encouraging them to demonstrate respect, resilience and responsibility for himself, others and his environment.

Again your son should be congratulated on his achievements this week, and I thank-you for supporting Whitefriars in providing your son with this empowering Outdoor Learning Experience!

Mr Trent Collins
Middle Years Coordinator

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