Monash Beyond Business Challenge

On the 26 April, myself, Nick Alonso, Lachlan Barr, Finn Payne and Spiro Damatopoulos were fortunate enough to represent Whitefriars in the Monash Beyond Business Challenge. We all met up at Monash University and were introduced to the challenge and the experience ahead. Part of the experience included an Industry Speaker Panel from Monash Alumni who had completed the International Bachelor of Business which is specifically run at the campus. It was interesting to hear the many pathways and ‘study abroad’ options available to university student. However, the highlight of the day was the competition…

There were three challenges run on the day but as economics students, we completed the economics challenge which analysed the effect of automation on the labour market. The challenge started off with a lecture on economics and automation which was a great insight into university life. Looking at the effect automation has on jobs such as surgeons and bricklayers, it was really useful to apply the concepts we had learnt at school into a practical situation. Using microeconomic principles, we had to prepare a presentation on the impact automation has on the economy. Each team had to choose a specific occupation so we chose to present on bookkeepers – analysing how their jobs are changing and disappearing due to automated processes and software. Competing against selection schools and international students from Monash College was never going to be an easy task but at the end of the day, our group was selected for being the best presentation. Overall, it was a great experience and winning only added to the day. On behalf of the team, we would like to thank Ms Borg and Ms Cape who organised the day for us.

Blake Ritchie


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