Read a Million Words House Challenge Celebration 2018

The Shortis Library has hosted a number of activities during Book Week promoting reading and writing, including engaging workshops by visiting author Jack Heath, a Manga meetup, quizzes on this year’s theme of ‘Find Your Treasure’, Where’s Wally, Wookie and Stig competitions and the House Reading Challenge celebration.

The Read a Million Words House Challenge concluded on 10 August and a celebration was held for all the participants who collectively read 28,124,421 words over a three-month period. Achieving the most words read overall, the winning house was Lisieux (9,624,153) followed by Mantua (5,139,643) and Soreth (3,055,220) in 2nd and 3rd place.

Congratulations on the individual achievements:

  • Overall most words read award: Minh Nguyen, Year 10

Most words read in each year level awards in order:

  • Year 7: Simon D’Costa, Christian Dietzsch, Matthew Benedict
  • Year 8: Callum White, Marc Cordeiro, Cole Anastasiou
  •  Year 9: Liam Downie; Fynn Jones, Seamus O’Neill
  • Year 10: Ben Clarke, Jacob Sanderson, Daniel Borg


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