Principal’s Biography

Greg has been a part of the Whitefriars community for just over 30 years. Joining the College as a teacher of Science, Mathematics and Religious Education in 1988, Greg’s easy going but efficient manner had him promoted into a Year Level Coordinator role by 1990. For the next seven years, he coordinated Years 10–12 and in 1998, took the role as VCE Coordinator – a position he held until 2007.

A builder of great relationships, Greg accepted the role of Director of Professional Learning in 2008, where he facilitated professional development for all staff, with a particular focus on supporting those new into the teaching profession. In late 2014, Greg accepted the position of Deputy Principal – Staff, while continuing to teach VCE Chemistry.

In keeping with the College Mission and Values, Greg believes the school’s role is to nurture individuals through balanced education. “Students are to be engaged, not according to external definitions of success, but according to their individual passions and dispositions. In 2019, I want to see all of the students feeling positive and excited about coming to school. I would like to see all of our transitioning students take the first steps to making lifelong friends. Empowering our boys to live with integrity through experiences of community, prayer and service enables them to take their place in the modern world as valued individuals, alive with the wisdom of the Gospel. We, as members of the College Community, are accountable for providing the resources and stability to help each boy realise his full potential.”

Affirmed as Principal for 2019, Greg will continue to be an active member of the many College programs, ACC Sport and OLP camps while managing the day-to-day running of the Whitefriars. With the Board and Leadership Team’s support, the following projects are a major focus for the year:

  • Review, rearticulate and relaunch the Whitefriars College Vision
  • CIS Review
  • Planning for 2020 and beyond

“I know most of the boys already and I look forward to taking Whitefriars to the next level with the support of the Board, Leadership, Staff and our community.”

As a husband and father, Greg understands that schooling is one of the most important aspects of a child’s life and for that reason, commits to open communication between the College, its students and their families. “2019 will bring innovation in all aspects of Whitefriars: how we teach, what we teach and how we face problems and respond in the face of important issues.”

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