A Word From The College Captain

To me, Whitefriars College is my second home. For the last five years the graceful, peaceful and natural bushland setting of 19 hectares has become the home away from home, where every individual has been able to belong to something that is so special – the Whitefriars community that shares common values. I have great faith that this can not only be said for myself, but for the countless young Whitefriars men who have stepped onto the College grounds and worn the illustrious brown blazer over the past 57 years.

For the Class of 2018, our days of wearing the distinct Whitefriars blazer which has united us, will end before we know it. So many it only felt like yesterday that we were all wearing our many different coloured house T-shirts on Orientation day on the 4th of December, 2012. Although this year marks the final year of our journey for the Class of 2018, we all understand that whilst we may depart the College grounds as students for the final time, we will never depart the community that has welcomed and nurtured us, or diverge from the brotherhood we have created and developed.

I am one of two children in my family, with my older sister having already graduated high school. Throughout our schooling lives, we have both learnt the importance of respectful relationships with our peers, staff and families, and we both feel very appreciative to have attended great schools where we have been fortunate enough to be provided with great opportunities and surrounded by wonderful better people.

I am incredibly grateful to be the Whitefriars College Captain in 2018. It is truly an honour and I particularly feel very privileged to have the opportunity to not only lead, but serve Whitefriars but have the pleasure of leading alongside our College Vice Captains; Oscar Levi and Brendan Sammut, and our Middle Years Captains; Nicholas Smith and Patrick Cotter. We as a team will approach the year with a sense of pride  and will work diligently with passion, commitment and collaboration.

All of the 2018 Captains share a vision for this year; we must do all that we can to leave behind our own legacy, something that will make Whitefriars an even better place for all members of our community and for everyone that follows in the future. We are striving for an environment that encourages boys to serve the College and immerse themselves in all the College has to offer. A community that epitomizes the Carmelite charism as well as embodying a strong sense of belonging.

I have always believed that Whitefriars is like no other school. Its physical environment is so unique in comparison, which gifts Whitefriars boys with the opportunity to broaden their horizons and become men of the future in such a calm and exquisite setting. The Reflective Garden, a trademark feature of Whitefriars, located in the heart of the College, also offers boys the opportunity to reflect.

Whether it’s in the academics, sports. performing or visual arts, each student is encouraged to unlock their potential by embracing challenge and tapping into the power of their mindset and beliefs.

The boys of Whitefriars recognise and respect why their school exists. Thank you to those who went before us for their vision. We honour the legacy of these men and remain passionate and faithful to our Carmelite heritage, allowing us to always be people of strong community, thoughtfulness and service through action. It is the unity, compassion and support displayed by the young men of the College that is the everlasting example of what it means to belong to Whitefriars, believe we can overcome any challenges and be the best ‘gentle men’ we can be, whilst knowing we will always be ‘Almae In Fide Parentis’ (In the care of a loving Mother) – our College motto, which sees boys of Whitefriars look after one another daily, fostering a caring environment at our school.

I would like to wish all the very best for the year ahead, especially to the Year 12s who commence their final year and to the Year 7s who begin their journey. I ask all students to devote themselves to not only their studies but to each other to ensure 2018 becomes a positive and insightful year for the College community where we can all fulfil our potential. May all our families within the Whitefriars community have a year that is even more special than the last and continue to be kept in the care of our loving mother.

Joel Monteiro

“The Whitefriars College community provided me with an atmosphere of belonging and trust between student and teacher. I learnt the value of knowledge and was nurtured and supported to believe I could become the person I wanted to be.”

Dr Leon Malzinskas – Medical Officer, Royal Flying Doctor Service, Western Australia (Class of 1974)
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