A Word From The College Captain

As I embark on my final year of secondary school along with the Class of 2019, I can’t help but reflect on my time here at Whitefriars. When I first walked through the school gates as a student five years ago, I was welcomed into the Whitefriars community with open arms. All these years on, I can honestly say that my sense of connection and belonging to this College community has never wavered. This feeling of unity with the staff, students and families of Whitefriars has helped me to learn, grow as a person and construct lasting friendships.

Belong, believe and become are not simply words that comprise a tagline, rather, they encapsulate the way in which all students approach and experience life at Whitefriars. The young men of Whitefriars belong to a community which supports and nurtures them throughout their schooling years and beyond. They believe in themselves, each other and the Carmelite charism, enabling them to unlock the potential concealed within them. After arriving as boys, the students of Whitefriars also become gentle men who display compassion, respect and integrity in their daily interactions with others.

Throughout my time at Whitefriars I have always admired the way in which the College Captains have led our school, so naturally I feel honoured and privileged to occupy this position in 2019. I am also thrilled to have the opportunity to work alongside our College Vice Captains; Ronan Oppy and Alex Vander, and our Middle Years Captains; Jordan Goss, Ben Duffy and Marc Cordeiro. Furthermore, I look forward to collaborating with our House Captains, Sport Captains and Activity Captains during the course of 2019. We as a leadership team will undoubtedly work tirelessly and assiduously in our efforts to lead Whitefriars College and make positive contributions to our school and the wider community.

The 2019 leaders are also excited by the prospect of working closely with the rest of the student body. Their positivity, enthusiasm and energy makes Whitefriars such a fantastic place to be around, and we will be drawing upon their exuberance in the year ahead.

This year our College theme is Service – the third and final Carmelite tenet. Whitefriars fosters an environment which encourages service towards those in need and the leadership team of 2019 intends to further emphasise this integral component of the Carmelite ethos throughout the year. At Whitefriars, great value is placed on servant leadership – a form of leadership which entails working for the betterment of others. Therefore, the idea of assisting others lies at the core of everything that our leaders do, and we will strive to illuminate the importance of service towards those within our College gates and beyond them.

Our current Year 12s find pride and inspiration in the knowledge that we will be the only Whitefriars cohort that will graduate in 2019. In this sense we are unique and we know that the type of legacy that we leave is entirely up to us. Yet although we will be the only Class of 2019, we acknowledge that 51 classes have graduated before us. Thus, even though we have the opportunity to forge our own legacy, we understand that we are stewards of Whitefriars who must uphold and maintain the values that have been established by our predecessors. Over the years, the Whitefriars brotherhood has been built on a foundation of kindness, gentleness and passion, hence it is our duty to nurture an environment which motivates students to preserve and enact these characteristics.

Finally, I would like to extend my best wishes to the staff, students and families of the Whitefriars community. I have no doubt that if we work hard, work together and care for one another as our College motto suggests, then 2019 will be an extremely successful year for us all in a multitude of ways.

Almae In Fide Parentis

Nick Beltrami

“The Whitefriars College community provided me with an atmosphere of belonging and trust between student and teacher. I learnt the value of knowledge and was nurtured and supported to believe I could become the person I wanted to be.”

Dr Leon Malzinskas – Medical Officer, Royal Flying Doctor Service, Western Australia (Class of 1974)
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